Bring the benefits of Recovery Corps to your organization

This service year, Recovery Navigators will be working with participants at sites throughout Minnesota. With demonstrated successes in helping participants build their recovery capital and stay successful in their recovery journey, our program can provide the extra support your participants need to succeed.

Site Benefits


Data and Insight

Recovery Corps uses data to inform and customize services for participants and provides partner sites with easy to read dashboards that show participant progress.

Improved Capacity

Navigators extend capacity at your site by providing customized, one-to-one services that help participants identify and reach their recovery goals and stay supported in their recovery journey.


Two approaches for specific needs

MORe Corps

Minnesota Opioid Response (MORe) Corps began in 2018 to address the ongoing opioid epidemic. MORe Corps members help organizations build capacity to quickly and thoughtfully address the opioid epidemic in Minnesota.

Recovery Corps

Recovery Navigators provide one-to-one and small group peer support for others in recovery, helping clients with navigating a variety of goals related to their recovery.

Prior to completing a site application, please review the Minnesota Recovery Corps Guide for Sites.

One application must be submitted for each partner organization. You may save your work and return to complete the application later. Sites will be awarded on a rolling basis throughout Spring and Summer 2019.

Should you have questions, please contact Alana Stimes, Director of Opportunity Corps and Recovery Corps, at [email protected] or 612-206-3045.